James and Henry are a great creative team. Old enough to know how to add value to a piece of persuasive communication, but young enough to keep it contemporary and fresh. And they’re one of the most conscientious teams I’ve worked with in quite a while, putting in the time and, more importantly, the effort to make sure that the work is as it should be. At a time when copywriting and art direction skills are disappearing, they’ll be an increasingly valuable part of any creative department.
— Nigel Roberts
Who the f**k is James?

We’re Henry Finnegan and James White.

An award-winning senior creative team with over a decade of experience working together. 

We love ideas, but we love our respective crafts, too.

So much so that when Henry isn’t art directing, he’s illustrating his own comic books.

When James isn’t copywriting, he’s writing and performing stand-up comedy.

The quiet days at work are the most exhausting. So when there isn’t a good brief, we create our own.  

That’s how some of our favourite campaigns came to be.

We’re currently at Publicis London, but feel free to get in touch at finnegan-white@hotmail.com. Or reach out via Henry or James’ LinkedIn page.